Helping you make financial decisions that build confidence.

At Martin Christopher Investments, our long-term and straight-forward approach to wealth management is always personal, thorough and designed with your goals in mind. Whether you want a fresh start, reassurance or confirmation that you’re still on track, we have the expertise and resources required to meet your every financial need.

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Talking about your money, your life and your dreams is about as personal as it gets. We offer a welcoming, friendly and secure atmosphere where you can feel at ease knowing you have an experienced financial partner to support you.



Being independent means we work for and are accountable to you, not a parent company. We can be your objective foundation and sounding board when media, markets and big institutions have you wondering what's important, what's not and whose interests are being served.



We've cultivated a network of like-minded professionals and partners, each specializing in critical areas that impact your financial strategy, such as accountants, realtors, lenders, and attorneys. We work together on your behalf, understand the full scope of your financial needs and provide integrated solutions that are custom-made for you, your family and your business interests.


Get financial advice from people who know, and who know you.

We’re a team of friendly and enthusiastic wealth management professionals who have made it our life’s work to know the right answers to your financial questions. We believe in providing personalized advice and proactive service in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Whatever your stage in life, whatever you’re working toward, we’ll find the right financial solutions for you. Together.

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Our Promise to You:

We are your financial sounding board, your constant in an ever-changing world. Today, tomorrow and into the future as life happens, we are here for you:

  • To help you feel at ease by explaining financial concepts in plain language that is understandable, relevant and transparent.
  • To streamline your financial legwork by bringing together the right professionals at the right time so that the advice you receive is collaborative and unified.
  • To free up your time by remaining up to date and proficient with financially relevant matters and bringing these to your attention in a timely manner.
  • To make you feel like you matter, whatever your financial situation. Because you do.
  • To know you by your name, not a client number.

We meet most of our clients through referrals, and we keep our promise to each and every one.


We'd love to hear from you, and invite you to get in touch.